Play Party Etiquette E-Book 1.3 Edition SKU: PPE-001

A digital version of the ultimate guide to sex parties created by Effy Blue and illustrated by Alizarin Zroob - as seen in Refinery 29, NYLON, Thrillist, and


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Play parties are the gathering place of a community that celebrates sex positivity, body positivity, enthusiastic consent, and self-expression. They provide inspiration and permission to be fully sexually expressed. Well produced and hosted play parties can be safer than your average city club. They offer an opportunity to share sexual space with other people.    

Play Party Etiquette is a guide written by Effy Blue and illustrated by Alizarin Zroob to get you started in your exploration. It’ll go over all of the questions dancing in your head. How do I find a party? How do I prepare? What do I wear? What about hygiene and sexual health? What do I talk about? What do I do with my hands? Time to find out.